Standing Nude, Right Arm Bent circa 1908 



Brush and ink; 43 x 26.3 cms; 17 x 10 ¼ inches.                                                                                     

Stamped with the Paul Alexandre collection mark.                                                                                   



Provenance:     Dr Paul Alexandre, Paris, to whom it was given by Modigliani.

                         By descent to the present owner.


Reproduced   The Unknown Modigliani, by Noël Alexandre, Page 184 [No. 94].

                         Published by Fonds Mercator, 1993.



The above book, written by Paul Alexandre’s youngest son Noël, is dedicated:


To my friend Richard Nathanson whose enthusiasm and artistic sensibility have encouraged me to publish this account.



Exhibited:       Modigliani Drawings from The Collection of Paul  Alexandre at;


                         Venice,     Palazzo Grassi, 1993 - 1994.

                         Montréal,  Museum of Fine Art, 1996.                       

                         Rouen,      Musée des Beaux Arts, 1996.



The solidity and lyricism with which this figure is drawn shows Modigliani’s rapidly developing rhythm and confidence; and the inspiration he drew from Greek and Roman art.




Aphrodite, Roman                                      

Venus di Milo, Louvre, Greek                  




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