Standing Nude with Raised Left Arm circa 1908 



Both pencil; 43 x 26.5 cms; 17 x 10 ½ inches;                                                                                       

Recto drawing stamped with the Paul Alexandre collection mark.                                                           


Provenance:     Dr Paul Alexandre, Paris, to whom it was given by Modigliani.

                         By descent to the present owner.


Reproduced   The Unknown Modigliani, by Noël Alexandre, Recto -  Full Page 309 [No. 268].

                         Verso drawing  Page 457.  Published by Fonds Mercator, 1993.


The above book, written by Paul Alexandre’s youngest son Noël, is dedicated:


To my friend Richard Nathanson whose enthusiasm and artistic sensibility have encouraged me to publish this account.


Exhibited:       Modigliani Drawings from The Collection of Paul  Alexandre at;


                         Venice,     Palazzo Grassi, 1993 - 1994.

                         Montréal,  Museum of Fine Art, 1996.                       

                         Rouen,      Musée des Beaux Arts, 1996.


The recto drawing the final drawing of six studies reproduced in The Unknown Modigliani [Pages 307-309] showing the same model. Drawn in swift succession, they allow us to observe Modigliani’s intuitive purification of line in depicting the model’s sensuality.


Three of the studies show only the figure’s outline – the most freely flowing and rhythmic being the verso drawing reproduced below.




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